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Where you see a help, 1kit in the corner of the pages or modules, there is often helpful hints on how to use the 1Kit toolkit.  This is a good place to find information as an initial step, as we learn quicker when we 'discover for ourselves'.  There is also a 'use online help' link which can be confusing to new users, so you may want to refer to an indexed 250 page user manual which is available to purchase for a small fee.

Check the Support FAQ's (below) to see if this helps with any problems you may encounter.

Please go through the online tutorial and encourage the people in your organisation that are going to edit content to do the same.  By understanding the flexibility of the 1Kit tool, you will be able to benefit from the full functionality it has to offer.  Feel free to re-visit the tutorial as often as you like, in order to get a better understanding of 1Kit, e.g. you can set permissions on a Page level or even down to a module level, this gives the ability to have a Page called 'Downloads' which has one module that the general public can see and the module below only visible to registered users.

1) There is an option to have some formal training on how to use the 1Kit toolkit, the prices varies based on location, numbers of students, ability of students and timing.  Prices available on request.
2) There is optional online training, which is where a conference call is arranged between a number of interested parties and participants follow instruction over the phone and everyone proceeds at the same pace.  This is a very cost-effective approach, as time is saved on travelling to the clients location.
3) Lastly, option (2) above, but on a one-to-one basis, where you progress at your speed and work on a more bespoke training basis, using your data and 1Kit to make progress and learn at the same time.

1Kit Content Population:
jigsaw, 1kitThere are many clients that want the ability to edit their 1Kit, but want someone else to take their existing data and populate the initial 1Kit for them.  Once, in place they will go and make the changes on a day-to-day basis themselves.  This of course varies in cost, as clients needs vary from 5 pages of content to potentially 20, 30 or 40+ pages (working within the Mb capacity of the 1Kit they have chosen, of course this can be extended at anytime).

Similarly to the paragraph above, some clients need a greater deal of 'hand-holding' certainly more in the initial stages.  We can offer assistance in a non-patronising way, imparting information at the level that clients want to hear (i.e. there is no point talking technicalities to some that have no interest in 'how it works' rather than 'show me how to do it').
Sometimes, clients simply need a 'fresh inspiration' of marketing consultancy input (unfortunately, as we become more experienced in our area of speciality, we can become stale in our approach).  We are happy to offer an hourly or daily rate based on your needs.

You annual use of the tool includes email support.  After you have checked the online help and the tutorial, please feel free to email a question you may have to the support team here at 1Kit, where we will endeavour to address your email in a timely fashion.  Some questions may take longer to respond to, on the basis that it may be that we have to price a bespoke module for your particular needs.

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