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1Kit Reference Sites

This approach to addressing clients website needs is proving to be very popular.  Whilst we have many clients with bespoke websites tailored to their specific needs, many are now asking for database extensions to their existing custom website.  Whilst we can do this custom work for every client, there is some functionality that could well fall within the remit of the 1Kit toolkit and as a result be more cost-effective.

The sites below have been built with the 1Kit toolkit using a standard skin.  The sites in the module at the bottom of this page have had a custom skin designed specifically for them.  This is an option you can choose to enhance your standard website at any time.


Dog Boarding Home from Home

3sixteen Coffee Shop

 home form home dog boarding 1Kit Website

3sixteen coffee shop

Do The Word

image is precious


image is precious 1Kit Website


Carpal Tunnel Cure


carpal tunnel cure 1Kit Website


ABC Network


abc network 1Kit Website

Enhanced Skin Examples
TimeMaker Systems Wedding
timemaker ABC Wedding
The Ice Bowl Eco4
The Ice Bowl Eco4
Monkey Bizz  The Marquee Works
Monkey Bizz The Marquee works


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