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screwdriverIMAGES / PHOTOS: 

We subscribe annually to a 'royalty free' image library, that we can use to help you improve your website content.  Royaly Free doesn't actually mean free, it means you can use the photos without having to pay a royalty each time you use them. 



You can go to the photos site and find your preferred images, make a note of the image number and  email compose email us a list (DO NOT BUY THEM ONLINE, you will pay a small fortune for each image).  By paying us a small fee towards our annual subscription costs, you can avoid having to pay for each image you want (our annual web designers licence covers for your images).  We will then send you the images in web quality format (print quality also available upon request).



1kit toolkitAlternatively, we can research the millions of photos online, place them in a lightbox (against your company name) and send you a link so you can pick the ones you want from the list.  Now you can have professional looking images on your website, without having to pay 'west-end studio' rates. High Quality, print versions are also available upon request, just email compose emailus with your requests.

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