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and edit it anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
The 1Kit tool kit is easy to use, yet very powerful.  We believe it is the most cost effective, editable website solution on the market today.

1Kit comes with a number of standard 'modules' which you can add or edit at anytime, by simply clicking on the little pencil edit pencil image.  As your business grows and your needs grow, the 1Kit tool can grow with you.  We are developing new modules every month that our customers can choose to add to their pages, to increase functionality e.g. online shopping, or forums (to share information) for a small annual fee.  By building these new modules for 'many' customers we can therefore make them available cheaper for 'many' users.

ENHANCED VERSION: The most cost-effective way of using 1Kit is to use the 'standard' set-up, which has a handful of colour options.  When you want to make your standard website 'look different' we can design what we call a 'skin', as the name suggests, it is the outside appearance of your website, that your 'content' sits within.  By investing a bit more, you can then have an even more professional looking site, that actually matches your company colour scheme and logo theme.
EXAMPLES: Some examples of websites built with this powerful 'content management' 1Kit tool, can be seen on our reference sites Clients page. 

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